The Close Call

I was trolling through the many message boards trying to see what the scoop is with that delicious Lockedown episode of Lost. Apparently, the producers released a higher resolution screencap of the inside of the blast door. It was cool, nuff said. There are at least two distinct writing styles, with one of the writers using just Latin (and not saying much in Latin, by the way), and the other writing is in legible English.

This weekend I was all revved up to go to Logan, and maybe Wendover, but no road trip happened. Road trips with Sukie are fun, I think, though I don’t know how theorb77 and Antigone survived the trips to and from Colorado in the back seat of the Civic.

Earlier tonight a driver of a just-big-enough-to-hurt-you Dodge truck ran a red light (it was very very red) and nearly hit our car. I was so worried, I was shaking really bad afterwards. I think I was more worried than the last time I nearly got in an accident because my family was in the car and I really like Sukie’s car.

We spent Friday afternoon cleaning out some fish tanks that had been abandoned by a previous tenant of a research facility. It was not as nasty as you’d imagine, but still nasty enough to make me wash my hands about a million times. We did net some rather swank tank filters in the process, though fish aquarium things are really Sukie’s domain, I just find it really easy to be interested in just about anything. No, seriously.

With all the talk of sleep apnea (my father has the apnea and I think theorb does as well, this explains the juice stains on his matress), we saw an episode of Mad About You (which Sukie is mad about … in the good way) where Paul and Jamie get tested for the apnea. One of the warning signs is apparently restless sleep, which … well, I sleep pretty damn good. When I get a good amount, I feel damn good!

So, no, I doubt I have the apnea. Don’t know why the hell I blogged about that, but you get what you get, and that’s all you got to get from me … for now.

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2 Responses to The Close Call

  1. anniemouse lee says:

    did you see the number of the safety deposit box was 1516

  2. sukie80 says:

    I think we just like the way Hank Azaria says “You got the apnea. . ”

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