Manic December

Let’s cover a few things:

December has been quite a month. My mom broke her ankle (same one she broke some 12-13 years ago), I’ve actually played Wii Bowling (which is a life-changing experience, if you haven’t played one, do so as soon as possible), I’ve been making some progress with my programming, and I’m planning on going to school next semester.

What’s got my brain buzzing is what happened last night. I played Texas Hold ‘Em for a small chunk of cash.

I didn’t do too shabby, and all in all, I think I really pissed some people off. For one, I don’t play any game without talking a lot and making crappy side comments. That wouldn’t have been so bad but I was having an unusually lucky bit of winning when I probably shouldn’t have.

You know those kids in high school who pretty much thought they knew everything there was to life and seemed so confident that they had the answers? Yeah, some of the people playing last night were like that. It was very enlightening to me to think that I’ve gotten past the stage where I was impressed by that. I hope I’m past the stage where I’m like that, but some things are bound to stick with you.

I hope Sukie wins a presidency council spot in her WMAS election šŸ™‚

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