Down through the chimney

Old St Nick.

Well, last night Sukie was falling asleep on the couch and in her delirium she said I should go play CounterStrike, which I had picked up last weekend and have logged roughly 45 minutes playing. Well last night, I put in another 45 minutes.

I have told theorb77 that the reason I think the game is so addicting is because you get angry, so very angry, because you get pwned so horribly, and the addiction comes from wanting to break even – it’s like losing at gambling. You just want to give some of that pwnage. Well, last night, I was getting owned pretty harshly, and I just wanted to give some of that pwnage back to the community, as it were.

I can tell you don’t care, but I feel the need to convey my satisfaction at having handed out a fair bit of pwnage (not really a fair bit, I suck at CounterStrike.) So I knew from previous rounds that the terrorist tactic was to hole up in a bathroom in this resort. The only entrance to the bathroom was a door, but there was a skylight and I did know where the ladder was, so I worked my way through the resort cabin and crept along the roof (very open to any snipers), and peaked in yonder window and saw that the focus of my prey was upon the only door. If somebody opened the door they’d know, and they’d shoot at them, so I took aim and dished out some pain to 2 of my enemies, who, in the confusion, worked out where the shots were coming from and returned fire, sending me to a young and tragic death. But I at least had the satisfaction of taking out the top two players on the server, so, after an excruciatingly painful losing spree, I was feeling pretty good about it.

Well that is a pretty crappy post, but hey, it’s what you get. I’ve been feeling icky for the last several days so, deal.

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