Of Similar Properties, or; I Will Stay the Same

This morning I’ve burnt the hours whittling away at my Settlers of Catan map generator. It’s sort of a silly project, but I have now produced some form of results. A quick drop of the map in to my raytracer (another of my silly projects) and I get this:
Classic Map
But since I like to write code that is re-usable, I used the base Settlers of Catan distribution of resources as a basis for generating bigger maps. So, if one side of the hex map for SoC map is 3, I pumped out a 5 sided map. I can basically generate a map with whatever ratio of goods I want, the dice rolls are there too, but not in the render. The render is just a bunch of spheres, but as you can see, if they are placed apart from each other properly, you get a honeycomb shape.

Anyway, just thought I’d blog some of the extreme geekiness that I am in to. Now to go play some Zelda.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I rolled my eyes… and Erik said, “That’s SO cool!!”

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