Remember that stupid settlers of catan map I showed about a month ago?


I got annoyed with my source a month ago and worked on some other projects. I came back to it today, and found the stupid bug I gave up on finding a month ago within 10 minutes. And it’s back up and running. The tracer doesn’t handle alpha channels right which is why you have that blockiness there, but I can fix that eventually. Right now it has a very Starcraft feel to it.

Today I took the day off work to get some dental work done. Work called at 1:00pm or something asking about something that was going on at work. I requested the day off but I guess I didn’t tell them it was just for dental work. Whatever it was fixed itself while I was on the phone, but I would have went in to fix it.

It’s funny that out of high school I thought working a full time job was such a drag, and that I would never do it. Now you can’t get me to stop working. It helps that I actually enjoy my work (most of the time) and that I’m actually developing skills.

Work has made me cynical though. Money makes you happy, and you have to have a job to get money, but a job doesn’t necessarily make you happy. Somewhere in there, you just have to find a way to be happy.

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4 Responses to Procession

  1. Chaelomen says:

    Wow, deep. I should try one of those job things again.

    It was cool hanging out with you and Sukie. We’ll have to do it again.

  2. theorb77 says:

    Well, YOU have to find a way to be happy. Me, I’ll just sad-sack all over your blog. That’s right. My sad-sack, your blog. Deal with it.

  3. Frik says:

    Ouch, you just got sad-sacked pretty bad wudan. Are you going to just sit there and take it?

  4. berserk says:

    Money makes being happy a lot easier, but I think adrenaline makes you happy. Or, rather, makes me happy. You’re on your own. šŸ™‚

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