A Well Deserved Weekend

After 12 days of working I finally got a weekend. I got some sun, got to visit with family, got dunked in the water, inhaled the water (got dunked so fast I didn’t get to take a breath, so I was very panicky.) But I made it out ok, just a few scratches and a sad reminder of how out-of-shape I’ve gotten.

Anyways, it’s been a long time and I haven’t posted. Pepper’s doing great, taking a step or two here and there, but she’s not committing to walking because she’s such a speedy crawler.

The boy’s been doing great, he’s had a very busy summer and I think that has helped him enjoy it. He finally has taken swimming lessons (yay!) and I think he liked it a lot.

I had taken up some serious trophy hunting for Red Dead Redemption (a video game set in the early 20th century West) and I’m at an impasse. The boy and I had played through Dead Rising 2 but I think we’ve settled on starting the game over so that we’ll be better prepared for the final boss fights.

All in all, a good weekend. While we were out (sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning) someone got in my car and rifled through the garbage in there, I’m guessing it was kids looking for a spare key so they could take my car for a joyride. Kind of disconcerting, feels like my personal space was violated, but I’m glad nothing was taken. If I had to guess a culprit it would be the next door neighbor’s gangsta friends, which is annoying since there’s no real course of action to take. No cop is going to care since nothing was taken, but it seems like it should be against some kind of law to go in to a person’s car and dump everything out of the glove box and center console.

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  1. Jason says:

    Where I work, rifling through your car would still be a crime, and one that I’d be happy to charge if there was enough evidence. It falls under Trespass here. At first glance the UT criminal code looks very poorly thought out, so I’m not exactly sure what could be applied to your situation but I saw a handful of statutes that might apply. I definitely agree that it should be against the law to go rifling through someone else’s car, even if nothing is taken.

    Anyway… for me the problem with prosecuting this case wouldn’t be that nothing was taken, but that it would be difficult to prove that the neighbor kids were the culprits. I’m glad the rest of your weekend was better than that!

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