“The Grudge is the curse of one who dies in the grip of a powerful rage.” Well, I’m telling you, if I had died this afternoon, there would have been some kind of paranormal actvity in my driveway later on.

I came home to find the area between the driveway and the house nicely weeded, excepting for the giant onion plant and the collosal crop of mint plants growing there. Ah, my dear mother-in-law has come to visit.

Oh wait, she destroyed the 2 specimens of grass, the group of lambs-ear, and the dandelion growing in there. Gee whiz. I’m really trying to refrain from using the F word at this point, but what gives?

Those plants survived the August heat! They survived because I watered them. Sure they needed to be weeded but man am I pissed.

So yeah, I yelled at my mother-in-law. I’ve told her not to touch anything when she’s at our house and she does anyway.

The thing that chaps this whole entire thing is that I was the one who called my father-in-law and asked him to come over for breakfast. I did that because he needs to eat and we always have extra food. Now, I really don’t care if he comes over. He just lets my stupid mother-in-law come over and screw up everything, sits on the couch and doesn’t do anything.

I am getting angry just thinking about it.

This has really screwed up my whole entire day. She destroyed something I had done, and it saps my will to do anything at all. Why even try, if somebody is going to just come along and screw it up? Why bother? Why try to do anything at all?

I think you know what word I want to say right now.

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