Ok, in a ploy to post more often than theorb77, Here’s another post:

So today I woke up and made Silver Dollar Pancakes; they were a little tart to the taste when they were plain, but heavenly goodness when a slight bit of maple syrup was used on them. They’re lots less sugary than regular pancakes by my estimation, and they’re lots smaller and take longer to cook (on account of them being so small.)

When I have the money to spend on it, I’m going to get an electric griddle. I figure, cooking those little babies on that, maybe 8 at a time, would be TONS more effective with a lower casualty rate. I burned myself on the side of the pan, my poor pinky finger.

Well, hopefully we’re going to catch The Grudge today, I’m looking forward to it. Then, it’s off to the work place. Yipee!

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