There’s a song by Nelly and Anthony Hamilton that I really like. The chorus is as good as the verses:

I didn’t know

There’d be troubles along the way

Nobody told me nothing

That would help me to ease my pain

I’ve been walkin this road, for forever and a day

Now I’ve been searching something

For someone to help me find my way

And now I know

Nelly’s part is pretty much all good verses, but since I know most of y’all can’t stand rap music I’ll keep it to just part of one verse:

I used to go like house to house

Sleepin on couch to couch

Walk around stickin out my hands, lookin for a handout

Only thing I handed out was more bills

Only thing pulled me out was my will

God told me the sun don’t chill

Determined to make use of one of these skills

Either that or go beat the block

Ain’t no way you can beat the cops

Ain’t no way I can beat the clock

Just a matter of time shut down your shop

Ohh, you stay up day and nights, livin this way of life

I was Young and Restless

All My Children came and then I had a Guiding Light

No more of that sittin mayne sittin and waitin

and thinkin somebody comin to take me up off them streets

But now I know.

Of course, you might notice how cleverly he worked in the names of 3 soaps. Anyway, yeah.

I think I’m progressing as a person. I realized the other day that this is the year of the monkey – my year, and that this year has been one of the biggest of my life. I’ve made a lot of personal decisions, changed a lot of my own attitudes, and I’m determined to make something out of the skills that I’ve got.

Right now though I’m determined to make lunch out of the corn dog I just cooked. Yum.

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