Well, today was another bust. I haven’t been working out like I had planned, but I shall not give up hope. Today I figured I’d go at 1pm, since last time I went I left at like 1pm, and the place was empty when I left. I could eat lunch after working out, and it’d be cool.

I guess Dax and Annie Mouse Lee are going bowling with Sukie, Jabba, and myself. Jabba is a great bowler 🙂

Tonight I’m listening to OffSpring’s Smash album, which is also another oldie but goodie. Those we’re two-layered shirt days.

I realize that in my late night blogging last night that I might have faltered to make one point that was in my head. I meant to say that I had idolized theorb77 when I was young and thought he was the coolest. When I got older he and I clashed quite a bit more (what didn’t I clash with, though?)

In recent times theorb77 and I have become rather good friends and he’s a pretty cool guy. He probably doesn’t think so as much, but this is life: the light of self-esteem wanes inversely proportional to your age. Isn’t in funny that your appraisal of self doesn’t get ‘better’ as you acquire more skills?

Well, not if you’re one of my kin, anyway.

I’m wondering if we don’t burn out and get pissed because we expect this from ourselves, though.

Well, I feel like digging up some Lost info. Ciao!

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