A coworker laughed at me when he heard what I was blasting from my iTunes. It was the Alanis Morissette album that started it all, Jagged Little Pill. Of course, a lot of the different songs remind me of different times of my life, roughly 10 years ago.

Wow. 10 years. In September we’ll have been back in Utah for ten years, following a brief 3 or 4 year stint in Colorado. It was in Colorado where we grew these really huge chips on our shoulders (I think I probably had one planted back then, that really surfaced when I got over here.)

It’s funny to think how much I idolized my brother, theorb77, back then. I wanted to chill with his peeps, and did, to some extent, and of course it was a bit of a territorial thing for theorb77, and we had words on a few occasions about my lack of ‘tact’. Well, ten years later and I have all the tact of a Dodo bird, but, hey, I eventually found my own way.

When I came to Utah, it is mindboggling how closed my mind was, at the time, to music. It’s fairly well known that I like to sample all the different kinds of music out there, and that I can learn to appreciate all of it. When I got here, I was all about depressing ole’ shoot-yourself-in-the-shed-life-sucks grunge music. I think after a while, Punk/Ska became the in-thing and Swing music became a mainstream fad for a while. I’m sure the die-hard ‘swing’ fans are glad we’ve all moved on to other things.

I digress (digress is what you do when you have a point), my musical tastes have fanned out like a beautiful peacock.

Did you know the peacock used to be considered up there with the goat as one of the devil’s minions? That’s just crazy. Good thing mainstream media has cleared this up for us: It is liberals and not goats and peacocks, who are the devil’s minions.

When the hell did liberal become a bad word anyway? Isn’t being ‘un-liberal’ the same as being ‘un-American’? I guess the double negative fizzles most folks’ brains.

On Saturday, Jabba, Sukie, and I went out to the ole’ Delton Lanes for some bowling. Ah, bowling. It’s super cute to watch lil’ Jabba drag his ball down the lane and give it a good shove. He did this for 10 frames, that’s just amazing. Who knew?

I wasn’t doing too bad, but couldn’t pick up a spare to save my life, but when I did, it was sweet. Sukie and I were in a dead heat coasting in to the final frames, but I came out with a spare in frame 8 and a strike in frame 9, and strolled through frame 10 to come out with 113. Not bad, but not great either 🙂 That’s me, in a nutshell 🙂

So, I keep meaning to blog about this, but I keep forgetting. I have figured out the trick of Lost, ABC’s hit TV show:

It’s the Bermuda Triangle, only … not really in Bermuda. However, look at that island they are on (ok, it’s really Hawaii, but whatever …) – there’s a big ole’ mountain they could have crashed in to. Basically, the plane was going to crash and DID NOT hit the ocean and hit the beach in a manner that it did not crash in to the mountains … LUCKY.

So, yeah, if it is a Bermuda Triangle like location, I’ll buy that there are other people there, since it’s a phenomenon that is familiar in memory.

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